Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What It Was Like Using Internet During The Exam

Two weeks ago, I had my International English exam with the help of the World Wide Web. In my last blog post, I wrote that I thought having this Internet access would be of great help. And I think I was right. While I still don't know what my grade will be, I think I used the Internet as much as I could to do my exam as well as I could. For example: One of the tasks on the exam was to analyze a text and point out how it was a persuasive text. In that task, I used two different websites to find several good literary devices used to persuade readers, which I included in my answer.

In another task, I decided to compare two conflicts that appeared in two different movies, that both took place in multicultural societies. I used the movie "The Great Debaters" and "Gran Torino". The conflict in "The Great Debaters" was segregation, where the main characters experience what it's like being the suppressed subculture. To write a few good paragraphs about this, I needed some facts about the black immigration and their living conditions, in addition to statistics on how many blacks moved from the farms to the cities. In other words, this is not information I would know without doing some research.