Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog & Twitter

When we were first told that we had to make our own blogs, I must admit I was a tad skeptical. Blogging is not something I would ever picture myself doing. On the other hand, this blog does not consist of irrelevant information about my life, but is full of school-related articles I have written in class and at home. The whole idea of having a blog is something I now find fun and useful, as it is exciting being able to share your work with others, and comment on other people's work.

Checking out the statistics, I see that I have 228 visits the last month, and a total number of 376 visits since I started blogging! Most of the people who have visited my blog are from Norway, but I have also had people from USA, Alaska and Russia who have stopped by.

In addition to writing a blog, we have also started using Twitter. I have earlier tried making an account, but could not come up with a name that was not taken, so I gave up. Today I ended up with the name "Sarismas".  Follow me! I have linked a "follow me" twitter-button on this blog.

I am exploring Twitter, and I'm trying to understand the concept of it. Currently I have 20 followers, and I am following 28 people myself. If you have any tips to fun people I can follow, please leave a comment!

To promote my blog, I'll link it on Twitter, and see if I get some more visitors, and maybe comments!


  1. I agree with you "it is exciting being able to share your work with others, and comment on other people's work." Sharing and commenting are keywords in learning! I'm glad you enjoy writing, I enjoy reading your posts!

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