Thursday, October 13, 2011

Social Media

Last Tuesday, we listened to lecturer Cecilie Staude. She works at the college BI, but also travels around and holds presentations. Sometimes her audience will be students like us, sometimes pensioners, politicians, artists or companies. She lectures us all about the same thing: social media. It has become such an important platform for marketing, and a lot of companies need help with marketing their products through social media.  Pensioners need help with being introduced to these sites, and for us students being the ones who use it the most, it is very interesting to learn things you never thought over before.

Facebook is the website that is used the most. 98% percent of people in Norway from the ages 14-24, are on Facebook, including myself. Through this website, we receive information quicker than ever. We add friends, post statuses, upload pictures, and comment other peoples' activity. If something interests or shocks us, we will often "share" it on Facebook, this way spreading the information or news with just a click. This can both be positive and negative for the marketing of companies.

For example, if you are thinking about joining a gym, do you choose Elixia or Sats? You might research a bit on both websites, but of course they will both say they are fantastic and the best. What you then do, is talk to other consumers through social media, and read their opinions about the two different gyms. Maybe someone posted on Facebook or Twitter that Sats wasn't showing good service? This will definitely affect your final decision. What this means, is that companies in today’s society are losing control of what is being said about them. On the other hand, the fact that information now travels fast can also be a positive thing. A happy customer or consumer might share positive things about the product, leading to more people wanting to try it!

To sum it up, it has become unavoidable to not be on websites like Facebook if you are trying to market something. Whether you're a gym trying to sell memberships, a company selling clothes, or a politician trying to gather votes, you need to market yourself.  Consumers today are no longer interested in just receiving information, from TV, brochures or radio. We want to participate in discussions about the products, or reflect over community-related questions on the social media.

Staude also talked about how it can be challenging to avoid mixing your personal life, with the more professional part of you on Facebook. When talking about this, she mentioned how Jens Stoltenberg is a person who does this well. He currently has 279,999 people who have "liked" his page. 


  1. Interesting commentary about social media and how important it is to participate today. I liked that you wrote about how to find different products, not by reading how they are promoted but by what the consumers and customers are writing. That gives you a whole different perspective and certainly should keep the different companies alert and focused on service!

  2. I really like your blog! It's so organized and looks great. You write very well and I actually enjoy reading your posts!

  3. This was a very interesting blogpost, Sara. I realy enjoyed reading it, and you reflect very well on the topic "Facebook"
    Great job, Sara. Keep it going, and you will soon be very popular..